Dennis Myers
Trustee ~ Germantown, WI

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Trustee News



As a Village Trustee. . .


Dennis was elected to the Trustee position for District 3 for the Village of Germantown.


Dennis is ready to help support the district.


When something needs to be done, Dennis is the one delving into the background, history and actions taken to date. When he sees inactivity on a situation that residents are asking about, he tries to learn about it and how he can take action.


See Resource Page for Village District Map



"If it matters to you, it matters to me"'


Please call or email Dennis with any questions or comments.


Washington County is an Exciting Place!


A recent article in the Daily News by Dave Rank stated "the Internet has ranked Washington County as 6th on a list of the 10 most exciting counties in America out of 2,814 studied".


A blog by featured these counties looking at factors such as night life, active life options, residents age, etc.Pierce County WI ranged 10th.  They also noted that Washington County was a fun county!


The blog listed Brazen Head Pub and numerous other bars, rafting and tubing nearby, the Museum of wisconsin Art for culture lovers and even a jas festival every year.  We were listed #246 for best nightlife, 160 for youngest population with a low number of fast food restaurants.  We are the 10th densest population on their list, which helps when trying to meet new people.  Our number of non-fast food restaurants was "huge" for foodies.


Per Dave Rank's column, "the number of locally owned restaurants, which has grown significantly in the past year or so with the opening of West Bend Tap & Tavern, Dublin's and Casa Tequila" to mention a few.


Of course we knew all this because we live here!  It is a great place to live and do business.  Remember that when your friends and family are looking for somewhere to go and something to do!